5 Methods to Reduce the Feeling of Oppression in Life

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The topic of overcoming oppression is such a multifaceted one that it can take generations of work to undo. The work is still ongoing, which is why we need to learn to empower individuals with the right tools and tactics. What can we do to reduce the feeling of oppression in our own lives?

Speak Up

Addressing unfair or biased treatment when we witness it, whether it’s in social settings or the workplace, can be a powerful form of being an ally, whether it’s for marginalized communities or those on the receiving end of the law. Seeking the support of the best criminal lawyer in your location is not just about fighting injustices but about learning that if you see unfair treatment, you must call it out. We can be very fearful of doing so, but a group of a thousand voices rallying against one oppressive force begins with an individual.

Connect With Supportive Communities

Engaging with supportive and caring individuals or groups who share your values and experiences can provide a sense of belonging and solidarity. Solidarity is one of the most important tools to help any marginalized social group, but we also need to remember that when somebody experiences the same type of pain as we do, we are not actually alone, and it can empower us. Empowerment is not just about how one person feels, but it can be a proactive strategy to help individuals cope with oppression, and this feeling of empowerment plays a massive role in addressing any oppressive situation.

Enhance Your Own Power

Increasing your own power or making changes to the relative power between you and an oppressor can create a change in power dynamics. Sometimes we have to remember it’s not necessarily about calling out oppressive behavior but about remembering that if we’re not in a position where we are listened to, then we must learn to play the game for the short term and build ourselves up into a position where we can exert more authority, which means that we will be listened to more. Sometimes we’ve got to play the game just for now to benefit in the long run.

Seek Support

Surrounding yourself with support groups, allies, or friends can give you the encouragement, guidance, and understanding during tough times. An ally will help increase the bargaining power of anybody in an oppressed situation and take steps towards constructive conflict resolution. By seeking support, we can also share our opportunities and resources with others so we can dismantle oppressive systems and promote equality.

Do Not Forget to Practice Self-Care

Promoting your well-being is vital if you are to stay the course in the face of oppression. With so many stressors in life, we need to engage in activities that relax and rejuvenate. We can fight the good fight, but it is worth nothing if we don’t know the value of looking after ourselves as well.


By implementing these strategies, we can all work towards reducing the feeling of oppression in our lives, and one step at a time, we can cultivate positive change.

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