The Five Stressors For Black Men

Good evening, my readers. There’s a post that I have seen circulating the internet, and I want to talk about it. This is just some off the top stuff, not a formal essay answering matters point by point. With that said, off we go.

Above is an infograph listing in short The Five Stressors For Black Men. In looking at some of the comments around this information, I have seen some poignant, and searing observations around what it means to be a Black man in these here United States at this time.

Each of these five categories could be a whole article in of itself. I don’t pretend to know the lives of other Black men, but there are many aspects of these categories in which I see many other brothers adversely affected.

Of course, we live in an age of caution- no one wants to get caught out there over sharing their struggles. But, I can say without worrying about sounding paranoid, that there’s something unique about the Black Male Experience. The various ways in which we’re set up to fail, have higher barriers for entry than other folks, and are regarded as a problematic group all around.

If this society is not trying to outright kill us, they’re trying to lock us up, constrain our life chances, deny us what we deserve, kick us out of pools, and generally steal our culture and joy. It’s a full court press.

This flies in the face of that recent CNN article than opined that Black men in America are doing just fine. Eh. Not really. The data just doesn’t support that assertion.

Whether we like to admit it or not, these areas in which Black men’s lives are faltering are structural, not cultural. Laying traps for a group of people than cackling when they fall into them is some sadistic stuff.

But… I could be just some kind of cultural Marxist that makes excuses for Black failure by pointing out the excesses of white supremacist powered capitalism. What do I know?

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. You’re more than welcome to share yours in the comments below. What do you think about this infograph?

Alright then… until next post.. Peace!



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