Cigar Collecting As A Hobby

By Brittany Cotton

The face of the cigar is undeniably attractive. Thanks to their specific aroma, smooth after burn, and stylish appearance they are obviously considered a luxury symbol. For many people smoking a cigar is an absolute delight. But for others, it doesn’t simply stop at enjoyment but is made as a passion itself even into a hobby. This article will venture into the world of cigar collecting as a hobby and why it might be just the right thing to add to your free time activities.


How Are Cigars Made?


Cigars are made of three main components: the cover, binder, and filler. The wrapper is the outermost covering made of the best quality tobacco leaves and that determines both the taste and looks of a cigar. The binder is the middle layer, which keeps together all filler-bound leaves. Lastly, the core refers to the wrap of tobacco leaves that constitute filler.

The tobacco cigar made its debut by the native people of the Caribbean islands dating back to the 10th century when they rolled and smoked dry leaves extracted from dried tobacco-leaved plants. By the late 15th century, with Christopher Columbus’s introduction of tobacco to Europe cigars became a delicacy for aristocratic people. By the 19th century, cigar labor was in high demand and Cuba dominated as its leader in producing it.


Valuable tips to begin collecting cigars as a hobby.


  1. Do Your Research: This is just like any hobby and it has to be learned as much about the cigars as before you immerse yourself in collecting them. Study their history, styles, and commonly known brands to allow you to know more about the world of cigars.


  1. Join a Cigar Club: By becoming a member of either a cigar club or a group you will surely meet like-minded people with whom you can share a flaming desire to settle down on your fingers strong, aromatic tobacco smoke. Also, the organized multitude is much better from which one learns about matters and fortifies knowledge, however many times diligent “bibliophiles” point out that love should not be


  1. Check for Authenticity: In the same way as with a regular collectible deserving of purchase, take note to confirm that you are purchasing genuine cigars. Visit established and reputed cigar shops to be sure you are getting what is genuine.


  1. Store Your Cigars Properly: It simply all depends on the effective storage of your cigars. To maintain the humid condition in which cigars thrive, invest in a good quality humidifier.


  1. Start Small: Cigars can be costly; therefore, beginning your collection with several quality cigars and growing from this point is recommended. Of course, it’s quality over quantity.


Is Cigar Collecting Profitable?


Cigar collecting is a venture with the capacity to make you amass thousands of dollars off some rare and vintage ashtrays. Still, one should keep in mind that cigar collecting is not supposed to be all about making money; it’s more of a pastime and an instrument for generating pleasure. If you happen to sell a priced piece from your collection, that can even be considered just an extra rather than the primary purpose of it all. An example is the Cuban Cohiba Behike, one of the most premium and hard-to-find cigars, selling at up to $500 each.

In short, collecting cigars is a pastime combining luxury with history and taste. Under the guidance of relevant knowledge and strategy, it can be made to be an enjoyable one in all respects. Whether you are an experienced cigar aficionado or a newcomer just getting started, the world of collecting is a fun adventure waiting to be had.

Brittany Cotton is a writer who focuses on health, wellness, and a variety of other topics. In her free time, you can find her reading, trying new recipes, or playing with her dog.

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