Black History Month 2024 KickOff

Black History Is American History

By Marc W. Polite

Greetings, everyone. We are now in February. That means it’s Black History Month. 2024 is a leap year, so we get an extra day to highlight our history. Of course, we should study history year round, but let’s take advantage of the fact that everyone is paying attention at this moment.

Being a student of history can at times mean making uncomfortable observations. For example, we’re witnessing in real time a backlash against DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs. This followed the narrow discourse of “anti-woke” initiatives. The pseudo controversy of “Critical Race Theory” etc.

It’s important to recognize a snowball effect when it comes to the attack on knowledge and critical thinking. None of this is happening in a vacuum.

Just a few things to think about as we begun this month. What will you be doing in recognition of Black History Month?

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