Jarrod Lawson Offers Rendition of “I Would Die 4 U”

Jarrod Lawson “I Would Die 4 U” Cover

With April on the way, Prince fans will remember the impact of his music on their lives. Singer, Pianist, and Producer Jarrod Lawson offers his rendition of Prince’s song “I Would Die 4 U” for interested listeners.

Jarrod Lawson
“This is a very special song to me as I have vivid memories of riding around in the car with my mother as a child and singing along to this song.  It’s kinda always been my favorite amongst Prince’s vast catalog of sonic gems.  This coupled with the fact that I just happened to have been in attendance at the Fox Theater in Atlanta for the purple one’s final performance before his untimely departure, compelled me to work up a proper tribute to this unquestionable genius that the world was forever changed by.  This recording features my longtime Portland cohorts, guitarist Chance Hayden and drummer Tyrone Hendrix.  Tyrone actually played with Prince on occasion, made possible by our dear friend Liv Warfield who sang background vocals in the NPG for many years… yet another very cool connection to Mr. Rogers.”
Listen to the song below, and find the links to Jarrod Lawson’s cover on various platforms.


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