What You Can Do to Help The Environment and Yourself

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By Taylor McKnight

Looking at a clean, green environment can help you release stress and feel better. But the world around you needs our attention for various reasons, one being that pollution affects you daily and deeply. One way to ensure that your surroundings are as clean and healthy as possible is by minimizing pollution in your home. You are assured that your home is a safe and nurturing, relaxing place.

Why Helping the Environment Is Important

While you may wonder what you can do compared to the thousands of others working toward the same goal, remember that every minute, every hour, and every day counts. The planet is vast, but its resources make conserving more critical. It gives us clean air and water, the beauty of nature, and the wonder of science. It is helping the environment that allows us to have control over our lives and a sense of adventure and growth. To feel safe and healthy, you must make a concerted effort to help the environment, as poor environmental factors impact mental wellness and create a disconnection for people to connect with the planet and its natural resources.

How You Can Change Your Life and Also Help the Environment

You can do a lot of things to help the environment and yourself. There are a few that are relatively small, but there are also some that affect a larger area. A few adjustments made in your home will help our surroundings tremendously. The benefits you get from doing so far outweigh the minor inconveniences you experience while making changes to your home.

1. Join a Community Garden

Many communities have community gardens, where you can watch things grow and provide fresh vegetables to your home. You can meet many new people to connect with and foster connections and friendships with others who share your interest. It offers fresh produce and flowers for everyone in the community and helps you experience nature, creativity, and beauty. If you have a yard, consider planting plants that keep oxygen in the air by breathing it out at night.

2. Get Into Vintage Shopping

A significant source of pollution is the fashion industry as it is a direct link to the factory. It produces millions of tons of waste every year. The fashion industry has worked hard to make new and innovative things, resulting in more pollution. If the fashion industry can change its harmful effects on the environment, it will benefit everyone in improving their lives. Consider going vintage shopping instead to help the environment and yourself. Vintage stores are filled with unique items you can use again and again.


The small things you do in your home can make a big difference. Little steps matter, and everything brings us closer to living comfortably. Healing of our globe and the well-being of our communities come with many benefits which help build a better world. Stay aware of what you are doing and find ways that people can help the environment, and change your habits to reduce your effects on the planet.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for Microbial Insights

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