How Much Does One Need to Know to Teach?

By Marc W. Polite

Good morning, all. I have a philosophical question for those who happen to visit this site. How much does one need to know to teach?

It is a question I’m posing because in my estimation, there is a difference between understanding a subject, and effectively being able to enlighten others on the subject.

Say, for example that you are teaching yourself math for your own personal edification. Is that enough to be able to pass the methodology along to another after two years of intensive self study?

Something to think about. Take care, and enjoy your week.



  1. That’s a great question Marc. I believe that teaching is a gift. It is more than just being to memorize information and pass it along. Teaching is something that one needs to be both talented and passionate in order to be an effective teacher. For example, are you able to help your students engage? Do you spark their interests? Provoke critical thinking? Connect with students? Just in my own experience as a young child growing up, I can say I had about 2 to 3 teachers that made an impact on my life that lasted until adulthood. So I would say that teaching involves so much more that being able to pass along information. Anyone can do that. However, only truly gifted teachers make an imprint on your life. They are treasures.

  2. Good afternoon, Lakeisha. These are all solid points. Having a passion for teaching is very important. Not everyone can make a lasting imprint on a student. Thank you so much for your comments.

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