The Best Christmas Songs To Learn on the Piano

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If you’re someone who absolutely loves Christmas time and everything that comes with it, you likely enjoy cranking up the carols. Nearly every Christmas song contains a special characteristic that inspires us to sing or play along. If you want to gather friends and family in the spirit of the season, you might want to know about the best Christmas songs to learn on the piano.

“Sleigh Ride”

Bring others on a journey in Santa’s sleigh by playing this sprightly, cheerful tune that will bring a smile to the biggest of humbugs. The best part is that this song utilizes simple beats and only a handful of notes. As such, your piano rendition will be easier to learn and sound quite similar to the original.

“Jingle Bells”

One of the easiest Christmas songs to learn on the piano is none other than “Jingle Bells.” This song has simple notes and an easy-to-follow, recognizable melody that is perfect for beginners. You want to choose a recognizable song as a beginner because it allows you to be more aware of any mistakes you might make as you learn. When you choose a familiar jingle, you can easily notice errors and rectify them.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Whether you’re planning a holiday piano recital or a small gathering, you can’t go wrong with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” This song borders on wishful and melancholy, making it a fantastic winter tune. When you play this song on the piano, friends and family will want to gather around and appreciate this iconic tune that never gets old.

“Holly Jolly Christmas”

Who doesn’t love the throaty, robust, and joyful tune that is “Holly Jolly Christmas”? When you listen to Burl Ives’ rendition, you can feel the spirit of the holidays deeply embedded in the song. This tune brings a sense of happiness and peace, reminding us that this time of the year is about making the most of the season. If you learn how to play this tune on the piano, definitely make sure to play it for others, as they will love the energetic pick-me-up that this song provides.

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