Best Social Media Platforms for Budding Musicians

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These days, it’s impossible to get attention without some form of social media. Being an artist is nearly synonymous with being a content creator. Musicians who ignore popular platforms are doing themselves and their fans a disservice.

You probably have a SoundCloud account and post new songs regularly. But did you know that using other apps is an easy way to gain music exposure? These are the best social media platforms for budding musicians looking to expand their fan base.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you know all about TikTok. This short-form video platform is perfect for teasing new music and creating “behind the scenes” content. You can also participate in trends to boost your popularity and post your music for people to use in their own videos.


Instagram isn’t just for influencers. In fact, this picture platform is becoming more like TikTok every day. Create “reels” using snippets of your new songs and follow other artists in your area. Instagram is a great way to connect with fans and show them what an average day in your life looks like.


Even though short-form content is taking center stage, these quick videos can’t replace the power of a YouTube video. Your well-crafted music videos have a home on this long-form video platform. You can also post interviews, live sets, and set tours to further connect with your audience.

Side Note

YouTube pays the most out of all other platforms for original content. Growing your following here is the best way to earn cash while pursuing your music career.


It might surprise you to learn that Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for budding musicians. Create a fan page for your act that people can follow. Here, you can create event invites to market live shows.

Facebook also has a promotion function that will push your ads to people in your target audience. For a small price, this tool can grow your following without much marketing effort from you!

Don’t forget about Twitter and Pinterest. The most successful homegrown artists use all of these social media sites to get their names out to the world.

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