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Age of Atheria Book Cover

By Jenny and Gregory Miller

One of our greatest goals for the book is that we have always wanted to write fiction that had more to tell than just the story. We wanted to write about life lessons that evoke a deeper thought process so an individual reader would consider how their everyday choices impacts the collective. We wanted to parallel our world within the book to our current reality so that readers could consider the outcomes our characters face are a result from our decisions we are making today.

After a Great War, ignited from environmental impacts and change, resource scarcity, and nuclear warfare – societies tried to rebuild, and had an opportunity to build back better, and they didn’t take that opportunity, instead, rebuilt with divisiveness, a power driven and self-seeking, Dystopian society. In our book we discuss how dark forces, whether you want to call it greed, power, or corruption are taking hold of individuals and its intent is to destroy humanity. We reveal within our story that the hatred of our world is inflicted upon by evil forces and how they coerce our minds, hearts, and even souls. Our story is set in the future destruction of our present-day world but as a direct result of our present-day choices. Upon which the generations of today are choosing for generations of tomorrow.

Our goal was to always have our readers become more reflective, to seek knowledge, to thought provoke, to discuss outwardly, to have those internal discussions about their choices and the impacts they have on humanity environmentally, societally, and politically. We all are a part of a ripple effect, where our choices directly impact one another; even when we think it does not or feels like our individual footprint wouldn’t make a difference in this big world. But it does, the choices we make over and over continue to ripple throughout.

Taking care of the planet is so important to us, it is our home, and we only have one of her; so we implemented what life would be like in the fictional world after choices that had devastating effects on her. How hard life becomes after resource scarcity and how the world reacts to it. Within the fictional world, we were able to create new timelines and history but having it set within our world we believe really drives the point further that if we do not make the necessary changes in our society and taking better care of our planet, the lasting effects could be devastating. We want our readers to feel concerned for our planet and for each other. To take care of one another, by being kind and compassionate, being constructive and not destructive, by unifying with understanding and acknowledging where we can do better as a people. We wanted to highlight a coming together across all races, ethnicities, perspectives, challenge thoughts and beliefs and being open to understanding; what unifying, and uplifting does for one another. AGE OF ATHERIA is book one of the series, and we are so excited to go across the planet and tell a story of unity from a global perspective throughout the whole series. Life is a journey, and we are all on it together. It is what we do as individuals that creates our lasting legacy of what we do with our time here and how we impact one another.

Atheria, the magical realm within our story, is what we believe our world should be in terms of its diversity and inclusivity and oneness with one another, with nature, with the planet, and all sentient beings. Atheria was created as a world in which we were intended to live. The story AGE OF ATHERIA follows the journey of how we can get there – through ascension, through unity, and through Light conquering the Darkness of this world.

Jenny and Greg Miller, Authors


AGE OF ATHERIA debuts this fall on November 1st, 2022, and is available for pre-order now across the globe at retailers near you like Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Amazon, Dymocks, Saxo, and other retailers. You can also find us at and follow us @JennyMcClainMiller and @GregoryJohnMiller

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