Go Vuck Yourself: Pushing Back on Bad Electoral Outreach

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By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, everyone. Election season is upon us, and there’s a push to motivate people on the fence to vote in the mid-term elections.

In light of the serious issues faced by everyone- inflation, out of control crime due to desperation, etc.. one would think that substantial policy would be the points to lead with.

Not when it comes to the messaging aimed at the Black community, and specifically Black men. The music video “No Voting, No Vucking” featuring rappers Saucy Santana and Trina encouraging voter participation, or else no sex.

Seriously, that’s the message. Not an appeal based on bread and butter issues. This is a new low point in Black electoral outreach. In 2020, it was “get your booty to the polls”, September 2022 it was “fall in line” , and now it’s “no voting, no vucking” – the messaging just keeps getting better folks.

“No voting, no loving” is an indication of the lack of respect for Black men as a constituency. There’s just no excuse for this cringeworthy, hamfisted, and condescending messaging.

There’s obviously a disconnect between the voter based upon these desperate, 11th hour attempts. Until those who want Black voters who sit out elections address this constituency with respect, the communication gap will continue.

In response to this disrespectful framing, we should say emphatically, “Go Vuck Yourself”

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