Independent Scholar Jeffrey B. Perry, Passes Away

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By Marc W. Polite

Good evening to my new and longtime readers. Over the weekend, I learned of the passing of author and scholar Jeffrey B. Perry. Not wanting to be “first” to post about such an occurrence, I waited a few days to process.

In case you didn’t hear of this author, Perry was the author of several books on Hubert Harrison, an early 20th century Black radical. Whether it was The Hubert Harrison reader, or the republication of When Africa Awakes, Perry was the foremost scholar and authority of this underappreciated, and nearly forgotten Black socialist.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Perry when I was in graduate school. He was a down to earth person, rooted in the scholarship, not the trappings of academia. For those of us saddened by news of his passing, we must remember that he leaves us with a scholarly body of work that will endure. Rest in peace, Jeffrey Perry.

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  1. Awwww, sad news Marc, Jeff and I worked together at the post office! A really good Man, great shop steward too, rest in power Jeff Perry❤️

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