Verifying Your Business In The Eyes Of Prospective Customers

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Businesses have a long way to go before they become ‘verified’ and ‘worth taking a chance on’ in the eyes of their potential customers. Even the most popular and respected businesses will still have those who feel opposed to the offering they present, and will never try their products or services due to that.

Unlike a band that may be able to win everyone over with one incredible performance, or an actor who can give their all in the portrayal of a multi-faceted character, businesses that provide goods have to take a slow, plodding approach towards reputational development.

Furthermore, reputations tend to take quite some time to build and can be shattered in moments, so it’s important to consider how to avoid any shortcuts and do things in the right way. So – in this post, we’ll discuss how to verify your business in the eyes of prospective customers, and what rationale they use to become a patron for the first time:

A Stringent Online Presence

When you have a stringent online presence, you seem much more reliable. An odd domain name structuring a website with a poor layout and no social media pages in line with that can seem suspicious. You may also use websites like TrustPilot to aggregate reviews from those who use your products or services, so that people are given the chance to provide a real opinion about what you have to offer, further verifying your potential to newcomers. Using a template site like Wiz or Squarespace and opening up social media profiles can be a good place to start – or hiring a web or graphic designer can help you structure a more comprehensive visual package that shows your dedication to trustworthy branding.

Certifications & Licenses

Certifications and licenses not only ensure you’re able to operate legally and approved by regulatory bodies, but they can also be presented to those who use your firm to show you do good work.  This is why contractors, for instance, may be verified by an electrical regulatory board to verify all work they do for their clients. This can translate to the fundamentals of how a business is structured, too, such as the LOLER certification for elevators within your business premises.

A Reliable Presence

If you have a contact phone line, a live chat, an email address, and a premises you can proudly point to as your area of operation, then people can see where you’re registered and why they should trust you. Some online startups use services that offer physical address possibilities and a virtual mailbox, but renting out offices or using coworking spaces is of course valid too. A reliable presence like this shows you’re here, willing, able and capable of communication. That can inspire trust and a first-time order or booking like nothing else. In the long run, that really does make a profound difference to starting the possible momentum of growing your firm.

With this advice, you’re sure to verify your business in the eyes of prospective customers going forward, and no doubt benefit as a result.

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