Signs You Need To Redesign Your Product Packaging


Redesigning your product packaging can be a great way to boost sales and improve your branding, but you need to make the change thoughtfully. Be on the lookout for signs you need to redesign your product packaging.

The Current Design Is Outdated

If you’ve been using your packaging design for the past five to seven years, you’re in a perfect position to transform the design and pull focus back to your product. The longer you use the same old design, the more it becomes part of the background in the landscape consumers sojourn every day.

When you rework an outdated design, you might not have to change it completely. If it’s been working for you overall, simply updating specific elements can work well.

One of the tell-tale signs of high-quality packaging design is an authentic aesthetic. Your design should be memorable because it’s unique to your brand and fits your story. Let authenticity be your guiding principle.

Your Packaging Performs Poorly in Comparison to Competitors

Another sign you need to redesign your product packaging is that your company’s performance doesn’t stack up to that of your competitors. Competition drives innovation in business; if you’re not pulling ahead of your rivals, you’re falling behind.

One way to outshine other brands is to learn what they’re doing, then do something completely different. If most competitors primarily feature green on their packaging, choosing another color is an easy way to stand out on the shelves. This goes the same for other design elements like font and imagery.

Seasonal Opportunities

Redesigning your packaging for different seasons makes your products seem festive and more interesting. Some of the most popular occasions for creating a seasonal design include Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer, Halloween, and Christmas.

The occasions that inspire you to make the change may depend on your industry and clientele. Likewise, whether you go for a bold or understated change depends on your business’s specific needs. Coordinate the logistics of packaging and distributing your product to ensure you meet the demand at the right time and with ample supply.

You Need To Boost Sales

Another occasion that might prompt you to redesign your packaging is a sales slump. Of course, you’ll want to find out the cause of declining sales and address the problem directly. But don’t neglect to consider how a package redesign can help.

Packaging communicates directly to the consumer, getting their attention, telling them about your product, and differentiating you from your competitors. In your revamped design, you can present how you connect to the consumer and meet their needs and wants. Run the numbers to see how efficiently you can use a redesign to help boost sales.

Consumers Want a Change

Finally, communication is a two-way street; if you want your packaging to speak to the consumer, you’ll also have to listen. Find out what consumers want from your product and highlight how your product achieves that goal.

Consider how features of your product improve an aspect of the consumer’s life. Then, emphasize that benefit with descriptive language or imagery on your packaging. When you can show that you understand your consumer and provide them with the features they need, your packaging will sell effectively.

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