What’s A Smile Worth?

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Smiling is one of life’s joys. In fact, if you ask some researchers, they’ll tell you that it is the actual reason people feel happy. Smiling releases a host of beneficial compounds and hormones that generate sustainable changes in moods. Smiling can make a joke seem funnier or more silly. And it can make you feel better, just by itself, without any external stimulus whatsoever. 

The benefits of smiling on an emotional level are all obvious. But they are not so obvious in other areas of your life. 

In this post, we take a look at what a smile is worth, and why it might make economic sense to invest in teeth whitening kits, braces, and dental treatment. 

It’s Good For The Body

Smiling results from positive emotions, but these have a powerful effect on the body. It turns out that smiling releases various feel-good hormones that improve your mood, help you to feel more relaxed, and even lower your blood pressure. 

If you take a population of people who don’t smile all that often and compare them to a group who do, you find real differences in their blood chemistry. For instance, they are more likely to have regular blood pressure. They are also more likely to have good HDL in their bodies and lower levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. Their hearts are also more likely to beat with a predictable rhythm, instead of the haphazard heartbeat that affects so many people experiencing chronic stress. 

It Improves Workplace Effectiveness

Smiling also makes success more likely in the workplace. People who smile at those around them are more likely to be viewed as confident and respected by their colleagues. Having more positive emotions sets you up for leadership positions and promotions because people recognize in you the type of atmosphere that they want to create. 

Smiling also rubs off on other people. The more you smile at colleagues, the more likely they are to smile right back at you. 

It Makes People See You As Being More Trustworthy

You might not be a trustworthy person, but smiling will help people see you that way. And that can be great for business, your career, and everything else you do in your life. 

It Improves Your Productivity

Have you ever noticed that on days when you feel down and depressed, your productivity declines? That’s because it is much harder to concentrate and feel good about what you’re doing when your mind is in the wrong place. 

When you smile, though, your feelings change. All of a sudden, you are happy about what you’re doing. And you do want to commit fully to it. 

Smiling is also about having a positive, happy mindset. Even though there might be challenges in your life, focusing on the joyful aspects help you maintain your focus and see it through.

When it comes to smiling, practice makes perfect. Kids smile around 400 times per day, but adults only do it around 40 times. Smile more, and it will improve your personal well-being dramatically.

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