How Do You Know When You’ve Made It Big as an Entrepreneur?



If you were to stop someone in the street and ask them what the most challenging job is, there’s a good chance that they’d say “entrepreneur.” That’s because when you run your own company, you know your work is never truly done. There’s always something else that you can do to improve your business.

However, this makes it very hard to track whether you’re doing a good job. That’s why we’ve taken the time to throw together a few checkpoints that you can mark off to know that you’ve truly made it big as an entrepreneur.

When You Can Finally Quit Your Day Job

One of the first signs that you’ve become a successful entrepreneur is when you can finally quit your day job. Of course, if you resigned the day you started your new company, that doesn’t really count. Basically, this is the moment when you can start living off the money your business is making. That’s a clear sign that you’re doing something right.

When a Person You Don’t Know Has Heard of Your Company

In the beginning, most of the people who know about your company will be the ones you’ve told or those who live in your area. However, the day will come when a person who is not associated with you at all will say, “Oh, I’ve heard of your company before.” When that day arrives, you’ll know you’ve made it big as an entrepreneur.

All business owners dream of the day in which their brand recognition reaches further than they could have pushed it on their own. However, that can only begin when you’ve taken the necessary steps to increase your small business’s recognition.

When You Turn Down Your First Lead or Customer

At the beginning of your business’s life, you won’t be able to afford to turn down any potential leads or customers. Your company isn’t in a position to turn them away even if they’re an absolute pain to work with or service. However, when the day comes that you feel like you can be selective about your clients, that’s a life-changing day. That means you have plenty of other prospects in your sights that you can do business with.

When You Receive Your First Acquisition Offer

Obviously, it’s a big deal when the average consumer knows who you are, but if you’ve reached the point where other companies are looking to buy you out, that’s huge. Not only do your competitors recognize your existence, but they see you as a threat. Whether or not you decide to take their deal, you can rest easy knowing that you’re playing with the big dogs now.

When You See the Difference Your Company Has Made

While most people would say that the ultimate goal for an entrepreneur is hitting their first million or selling off their company to the highest bidder, we believe it to be something else. An entrepreneur has only truly hit their peak when they can see the difference that their company has made.

While some business owners are simply in it for the money, nothing is more important than accomplishing what you set out to do in the first place. If your product or service is out there making the world a better place, it’s safe to say that you’ve succeeded.

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