Athlete Profile: Meet Tori Nelson

Courtesy of Tori Nelson

This week on Polite On Society, we hear from professional boxer Tori Nelson. Tori, a boxing champion and personal trainer talks with us about her journey. She is a 13-time champion, who started at 29 years old. Tori will be inducted into the boxing Hall of Fame in October of 2022.

We hear more from Tori about her experiences and the shift into personal training.

Polite On Society: You have an impressive journey as a professional boxer. What was one of the most challenging aspects of a somewhat later start to the sport?

Tori Nelson: My most challenging aspect of starting Boxing late was fighting younger women. It was challenging because they were younger and sometimes had more stamina then I did. But I had wisdom & my woman strength over them so I used it……WELL!.

Polite On Society: Now that you are a personal trainer, how do you incorporate your experiences as a pro athlete into an approach to fitness for your clients?

TN: I incorporated my experience by First letting them know age is just a number. Your body can do way more than your mind allows it. So I used alot of my boxing drills in some of the workouts. BUT I NEVER  ask them to do something that I don’t do 1st. It is to show them that it can be done and it also helps give them that little push of confidence they need. Mind over workout!


Image Courtesy of Tori Nelson

Polite On Society: What is a big misconception about getting into boxing?

TN:  The biggest misconception about getting into boxing is that not everyone will get on TV and be rich. Lol smh. Also, most people think fighters are angry people. We are actually probably the most stress-free, happy, people you may meet. Except on fight week! We beat people up and don’t have any court fees or bail to pay and the best part is we get PAID for it!! The Best Job I Ever Had!

Polite On Society: Even in retirement, you still train. How do you balance your training with your work schedule?

TN: Yes even though I’m retired I do still work out. My body is so used to it that it’s hard not to. Also, I’m a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker…so I have to stay in shape. My body is my product.

Ohhhhh it’s easy to balance life and work out because working out is my job most of the time (PTs). And also the biggest reason is I’m a single female I have to keep it snatched and sexy.

Polite On Society: How does it feel to know that you will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame?

TN: Unbelievable!!! A blessing from The Lord himself.  When I 1st started boxing I used to pray ” Lord please bless me to be a World-champion someday”. They say you ask for a little and if you doing his will he’ll give you more than you ask for. Well, he did just that.  I’m not just a World Champion I’m a 13x World Champion in different weight classes who traveled the world and fought in different countries, never touched the canvas by No one’s punch, and only lost 2x to the Best women in the world at that time. AND All of this as a single mother of 2 working 3 jobs and ending my career in my 40s. Smh now if that at Blessed by the Best I don’t know what is.

We’d like to thank Tori for taking the time to communicate with us today. If you want to learn more about her, visit her official website at


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  1. So proud of u continue being a positive force in a world so negative. Love you

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