Business Card Colors You Should Use Instead of White

Business cards

White business cards are a thing of the past. If you want your business to make a good first impression and stand out, you need to use these colors instead.

White is the default background color on most business cards, and many businesses keep this default because it’s easy. Colored print pops on white, and if the receiver needs to jot a quick note about the giver or a potential meeting, they can do so right on the card. Unfortunately, since so many businesses choose white backgrounds, which means your business’s information can easily become lost in the pile. Keep reading to learn about business card colors you should use instead of white so that no one ever loses your card in the shuffle again.

Red: Strong Passion

Not every business can pull off a red business card. It’s a bright color, and if you choose the wrong-colored text, receivers will be squinting to try and read your information. However, red is also a color that symbolizes strength, boldness, and passion, which are qualities that most businesses want to exude. If you want to display these qualities from the first meeting, then a red business card is the way to go.

Orange: Cheerful Confidence

Orange is another bold choice that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. In color psychology, though, orange exudes confidence and makes viewers feel cheerful. If your line of business involves helping people feel happier and more confident, such as psychological counseling or business consulting, orange could be a good choice for your business cards.

Yellow: Optimistic Warmth

The first thing many people think of when they see yellow is the sun, and color psychology backs up this response. When viewing yellow, people often begin to feel warmer and more optimistic. Capitalize on this for your business cards by making your background yellow so that people associate you and your company with optimism and warmth.

Green: Healthy Peace

Most of us have heard our whole lives that we must eat our green vegetables, so it’s no surprise that green often reminds us of health and vitality. Since green is also so prevalent in nature, it makes viewers feel at peace. You can use green to signal a specific field of work, such as health coaching or landscaping, or use it to give receivers a calm calling card that they’ll want to keep around long past meeting you.

Blue: Smart Tranquility

Blue is one of the most calming colors on the visible light spectrum since it’s the color of the sky and water. Due to that calming nature, many people believe that blue is the color of intellect. This is a great color choice if you work in an intellectual field or want to inspire the people you give your card to.

These are five business card colors you should use instead of white, and they can completely change the way that people receive your business card. Each of these colors signals different information when you give out your card so that your business is unforgettable. Once you pick the right background color, you can pick complimentary text color that will make the entire card look elegant and enticing. Your information will never be lost again.

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