Polite On Society Will Now Be Called….

New Logo for Polite On Society

Marc W. Polite

Welcome to your Friday morning troll post! Lol. Gotcha! Don’t worry, this site is not changing its name. I just wanted an excuse to show the new logo.

In case you didn’t know what I was referring to in a mocking way, Facebook the company is changing its name to Meta. Its part of a rebranding strategy, and to get in sync with the forthcoming metaverse. I plan to be one of the masters of the Metaverse, and I ain’t from Eternia, b.

Think Ready Player One, or New Cap City from Caprica. All jokes aside, I look forward to seeing some of the applications for the metaverse in terms of gaming. Yesterday, Facebook/Meta announced that a Virtual Reality version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be coming to the Oculus Quest 2. Get ready to be betrayed all over again.

This should all be interesting. Let’s see how this all plays out. See y’all in the metaverse.

Until next post.. peace.

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