4 Ways to Prepare Your Children For Moving Abroad

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Moving abroad is challenging for adults, but it can be even more difficult for children. This post will show you four ways to prepare your child or children for moving abroad to be less stressed and enjoy the experience more.

1. Help them learn about their destination in advance.

Children should know about their destination to better understand the new environment and culture they will be moving into. In addition, they need time to prepare for the exciting changes ahead, so make sure you start discussing your plans with them early on! Even if they are young children, it is essential that they feel included by giving them simple information such as where everyone will live or what school system works best there. You can even go one step further and create a scrapbook together containing photos from your trip over, details of how long you’ll be away, etc., which makes an ideal keepsake both before and during the move overseas.


2. Prepare them emotionally

It is essential to prepare children for the emotional impact moving abroad can have on them. They will face many new experiences, but do not fret – they are more resilient than you think! Just take some time to explain any changes in their daily routines and how this may affect them emotionally. If your family has a pet dog who cannot travel overseas or if grandma won’t come along either, then your child must know why these things have happened so that they don’t feel too upset about leaving friends behind. Children need reassurance from you when it comes to making such big life-changing decisions because going through something like this takes courage from both of you as parents.


3. Get Them Informed With Books

Books are a great way to introduce children to different cultures and countries. There’s nothing like immersing yourself in the literature of your new destination before you even leave – it will give you both some insight into what to expect when arriving there! For example, if you’re moving abroad with young kids, then pick up some books about other families who have moved and highlight any similarities and differences between how they did things compared to your family. You can also consider books like the ell newcomer kit, which will prepare them in various ways like learning, socializing, and adapting.


4. Give them time to adjust to the new environment

Moving abroad is a big step for any family, but it can be challenging to move to an entirely different country. If this is your child’s first time in another country, there will probably be many things they don’t understand or know how to do themselves. Make sure that you allow them lots of time and space to adjust because stress can lead to negative behavior patterns that no one wants! For example, give them plenty of warning about when their bedtime rules might change, so they aren’t confused by such changes once they arrive at their destination.


Children can cope with moving abroad just fine if you prepare them in advance and ensure that they are emotionally ready for the significant changes ahead. It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce your kids to another culture as well, so go out there and enjoy this new experience together!

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