Book Review: The Black Man’s Guide to Self Improvement & Community Revitalization Post Pandemic

The Black Man’s Guide to Self Improvement

By Marc W. Polite

Greetings my readers. As you know, I am a reader as well as a writer. I wanted to take some time out to let you know about the latest book that I have read. Recently, I picked up a book by Darrell Forte. The title is “The Black Man’s Guide to Self Improvement & Community Revitalization Post Pandemic.” The topic piqued my interest, being that we are at a point where many are asking what is next.

The book focuses on areas of Black men’s lives where we can improve. It talks about the need for sovereignty, and the need for Black men to focus on self-care, and health. Also strongly emphasized is the necessity of education, whether it be in higher education, vocational,  or self-directed. What also resonated with me, is that the author also addresses the necessity of removing confusion from your life, and separating from toxic environments.

This book is an easy read, and readily understandable. The challenge is to apply what the author is talking about, as that will take a great deal of personal inner work. What I enjoyed about this book the most is that its tone is not condescending. In too many media spaces, Black men are “talked at” instead of talking to. When a content creator has disdain for those who they are addressing, it is picked up upon by the discerning minds amongst us. The Black Man’s Guide to Self-Improvement is a refreshing approach towards Black men as we work to resolve our problems utilizing our agency. Many of us understand that no one is coming to save us. Those of us who have survived, must move differently, to get different results. I recommend it for any Black man who is striving to navigate his way through this challenging time.

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