The Repressed Generation: What Can Millennials Do To Set Their Futures Right?

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The Millennial generation has faced a backlash from day one. Whether they were berated by the Baby Boomers for not being able to get things done, and the less said about the word “snowflake,” the better. But the Millennial generation has it tougher than many. While now, Millennials have had to face so many problems as a result of the pandemic, it might be an oversimplification to say that this is the Millennials’ equivalent of going to war, but the problems Millennials face will not be over by the end of 2021. Millennials have grown up with excessive student loan debt and had to deal with the stock market crash of 2008. So it is worth pointing out that Millennials have already started out on the wrong foot. But what can Millennials do to get things right?

Learning the Ropes of Investment

Millennials do not have defined benefit plans to help them in retirement. In America, companies have made changes to contribution plans that force the employee to contribute. Therefore, it is vital for individuals to learn the ropes when it comes to investment if their salary is not enough. The onus is on the individual to learn how to invest and set up a substantial fund for themselves. There’s the traditional IRA, as well as the Roth IRA, but it’s important for Millennials to find other investment options. It’s about diversifying your portfolio as early as possible. This can mean investing in stocks and shares, Bitcoin, but also investing in real estate. The precarious nature of investing puts many individuals off, because they do not know where to begin. But real estate is one of those areas that is always in demand. You can start small by acquiring a small apartment, but then gradually build up to a property in another country, such as the BSP21 development in Selangor, Malaysia, or any high-rise apartment complex in a built-up city area. Investment is, in many ways, the way for an individual to reclaim some power over their earnings.

Utilize Their Technology Skills

It’s something that Millennials take for granted, that they are very well versed in technology without any significant effort. And right now, with this crossroads between the Baby Boomers retiring, and younger individuals slowly working up the ranks, technological proficiency is front and center. For any Millennial, they can use this as an opportunity to get ahead of the older and potentially wearier competition, especially in corporate circles. The gap between old and young is bridged by technology. As Millennials are able to use technology to such a degree that they can become proficient at something in a matter of days means that older and jaded employees in a business could very well be quaking in their boots.

Not Focus on the Material Aspects of Life

Baby Boomers have focused on the traditional totems of life. The house, the car, the job. The great advantage that a Millennial has is that they do not necessarily need to focus on the material aspects of life. Partly, it is due to the fact that they have grown up during a great recession, so they can be forgiven for wanting to get “stuff” for the first time in their lives. But not having material goods provides a thorough grounding in learning how to thrive in difficult conditions. For families that live paycheck to paycheck, this has been the baseline for many Millennials. And even younger generations are experiencing some terrible fallout because of the pandemic and economic downturn. But it’s a valuable lesson for everyone. Not focusing on the material aspects of life can prove to be a lesson in learning how to be happy without things. And it’s such an obvious lesson, but many people cannot live without their little comforts. Many millennials have had to fight tooth and nail to get a job in a contact center, one of the most unrewarding career choices out there. In comparison, you can’t see many Baby Boomers thinking that working in a customer service center answering calls, the modern equivalent of the factory line, is worth their while. Because Millennials had nothing to begin with, they are far better at learning to thrive under their own initiative.

Use the Fact That Time Is on Their Side

And with all of this, Millennials are at a distinct disadvantage. Financially and emotionally, Millennials can feel like they’ve been thrown under the bus somewhat. Not being able to actually get a home that is theirs can be frustrating. But the great thing about being a Millennial is that time is truly on their side. Millennials have been blessed and cursed with the gift of non-complacency. And for all of the negativity associated with Millennials- that they have a short attention span, or they are forever on their phones- the fact of the matter is that Millennials have time on their side, access to information, and an insatiable hunger for success that will guarantee success for the right person. 

For Millennials reading this who feel that they’ve been given a bad hand, the lesson is simple, you are the generation that has had more education than all your family put together. With unprecedented access to technology, you have the ability to filter information and find the best ways to be efficient. You have the gift of multitasking. It is something that is so useful in everyday life. You have the opportunity to compartmentalize in order to be completely efficient in every area of your life. We have to remember that we can experience hardships, but we have got a distinct advantage over other generations. With the fact that technology has made a significant difference in our lives, we have to use this to our advantage. If you are looking to set things right, and you feel that you’ve been dealt a bad hand, the one thing standing between you and your ideal life is your ability to look for what you want. This has never been easier. If you want to set things right, in terms of your property goals, your career dreams, and anything else, now is the opportunity to un-repress yourself.


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