Top Tips For Helping You To Stay Focused and Get Things Done

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These days, it is very easy to be distracted and not get on with the things that you need to do. We have computers, TV’s, cellphones, tablets, smartwatches – as well as all of the normal distractions such as kids and pets. It is great that we have all of these available to entertain us, but at the same time, they stop us from getting things done and reaching our full potential. Here, we look at some failsafe tips to staying focused so that you can get things done.

Set up for the day the night before you relax for the night

Before you sit down for the night and relax before you check this list from Troypoint to find something to watch and chill out with, get everything ready for the next day. Lay out your clothes, pack your lunches, pack your child’s bag for daycare or school and make sure everything is ready for breakfast. It means the next morning will be more chilled out and will set you up for a much less stressful, much less distracted and a much more productive day ahead.

Get the most difficult tasks done and out of the way

The more difficult the tasks, the more we worry about them or put them off. However, this will not make them any easier. We are just going to waste energy that would be better spent by getting on with it. Get the toughest job done right away while you are still fresh and have the energy.

Studies have shown that our brains are the sharpest in the morning, and that is when we need to handle difficult jobs. After they are out of the way, we can relax and take care of more routine work that does not require as much in the way of mental strain, ability, and energy.

Remove distractions and time suckers

Some urgent situations come up, and we have to deal with them straight away. However, most of the situations that come up to distract us are not urgent and do not require an immediate response. Many of these situations will be resolved on their own with time.

If you respond to these requests immediately, you will only be set up to receive more. By not responding, you are sending a message that you are busy and focused and that you will not allow yourself to be distracted by trivial matters.

Keep up your energy levels

Grab a short break when you are working on something if you feel your energy starting to fade. Take a quick walk, run, stretch, or do anything that results in you taking a short retreat from work. You will come back to your task feeling more regenerated and with a sharper mental focus.

Instead of eating a big meal at lunchtime, snack on healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables during the day. Drink plenty of water and get into a regular exercise programme. Arrange a routine with these things so that you don’t have to think about them; they just become part of your daily routine.


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