Top Policy Concerns for Incoming Biden Administration






Good afternoon, my readers. Saturday, the news announced that Biden has been elected president. There has been a lot of celebration, and the nation breathes a sigh of relief as Donald Trump is slated to become a one-term president. The people do have a right to their feelings, and there’s no need to trample on them. 2020 was a difficult year. However, it is equally important that the incoming Biden administration understand that millions of people will also expect policies to remedy a nation that is deep in crisis. The inauguration is not until January, yet demands cannot wait due to the severity of the crisis. Brunch, will just have to wait, unfortunately.

In the opinion of this writer, there are three top areas of concern for the incoming Biden Administration.

  1. Second Stimulus Package- This one is a high necessity. Given that the pandemic has led to so much economic turmoil, and the lives of those who lost income have been precarious, aid is needed. The states are experiencing budgetary shortfalls, and will need assistance to prevent further austerity.
  2. National Mask Mandate- Since this country now has 10 million coronavirus cases, this measure becomes necessary, like it or not. Even with today’s news about the potential Pfizer vaccine, it will not be widely available by the projection of some experts until Summer of 2021.
  3. Pandemic Response and Collaboration with WHO- There are some good signs that the Biden administration is taking this crisis seriously. In addition, there should be a coordinated effort with the World Health Organization. Getting this plague under control will take an international effort. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the most efficient vaccine will be produced by the United States. To attend to the damage to the cause of science, this incoming administration should reject the unilateral approach of the previous one.


This list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a start to what will be a major effort to get this country out of this crisis. Many of us understand that the real work begins now, so let’s not lose sight of that. President Elect Biden had already made some preliminary promises to deal with the pandemic in his remarks over the past few days. Let’s hold him accountable for these statements, and continue to push for what is necessary.




  1. Excellent points Marc, great places for the Biden administration to start King, good evening!

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