Course Correction And Shifting

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope everyone reading this is healthy, safe, and in good spirits. One of my readers sent me this quote from George Bernard Shaw.

It resonates with me, and has provoked me into thinking about the direction of not only my life, but my writing career as well. I’ll just talk about the later, as the former is a bit too personal to get into here.

I have seen the need to be deliberate of where I place my emphasis. Certain conversations, I don’t see worth engaging, even for the sake of more visitors and site visibility. Folks know where to go if they want that type of content. No need to imitate it here. The mission here is a little different.

Some mistakes that I have made, involved trying to address what everyone else is doing. If the scope of your material is determined only by what people are discussing in social media spaces, you’ll wind up missing the real life concerns and needs of people.

This is why I am shifting focus here slightly. I’m being vague for the moment, but you’ll soon see what I am talking about. Take care, and enjoy your day.

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