Are We Ready For The 2020 Season Finale?

Greetings, my readers. We are in the last three months of 2020. Even though the above picture is phrased in a joking manner, there are some fairly serious concerns that many of us have about the end of this year. The most glaring, is the outcome of the American presidential election. With President Trump telling paramilitary, white supremacist groups to “stand by”, he has introduced the possibility of politically motivated violence. Should the election not go his way, this is what we may face. 

In addition, the country is still suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, and a second wave looks like it will happen. Despite surpassing the dual grim milestones of over 200,000 Americans dying of Covid-19 and the total global count of 1 million deaths, the bipartisan push to reopen the schools and everything else marches on. The ongoing economic collapse is still in motion, and the body politic has all but abandoned any help for struggling Americans. We are all pretty much left to protect ourselves from this as much as possible. How long that can last, is highly questionable. 

If this was a show, it would be very interesting. But, its not. This is about our lives.  If you are in another country reading this, it may seem like an exaggeration, but its true. We will find out in November, how bad this spiral down is going to be. Anyway, that’s all for this post. Enjoy your evening. 

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