Helpful Relationship Facts for Every Couple Before Tying the Knot

There is always anxiety and fear of uncertainty when someone is about to get married. Most people already know that love alone is not enough – something more has to be done by both partners to make everything work. According to research, couples that are happier in marriage love each other conscientiously and they are smart in their decisions.

That said and done, let us focus on relationship facts to know before getting married to the person you love.

Falling in Love is Just the Start

As mentioned earlier, love alone cannot sustain a healthy marriage despite being the core. However, it is worth mentioning that every marriage starts with falling in love. People who meet online with a direct motive of getting married also have to fall in love with their match. This happens during the dating period. The other aspects that make a marriage work have to follow after falling in love for it to work.

True Love Can Grow with Time

For most married couples, true love is a test of time. If you stay close together, share your sentiments, understand each other, and care about each other’s needs, you will finally get to true love. Most couples only realize this a couple of years into the marriage and the experts say that this is the normal curve. Those who are not patient enough might end up giving up, especially when numerous challenges come up at the same time.

If Your Partner is Your Best Friend, You Are Happier

Marriage counselors confirm that couples who are best friends are happier in marriage. This means that you trust each other, share your secrets, and most importantly, love each other unconditionally. Being best friends starts early in the relationship rather than when you are already married. Some hookups might start with friendship while others are clear about what they want. You can get more info here about hookups to understand them in a better way.

Divorce is a Reality

As sad as it is, many couples are getting divorced the days. Statistics show alarming figures and the numbers are getting higher by the day. Your marriage is not an exception because it could end up in this situation. Divorce is often caused when couples cannot agree on some important things. However, infidelity and financial management issues are the primary causes according to global statistics.

First Year is the Best, Seventh is the Hardest

The marriage bliss only lasts for a year. It is a sad reality! The honeymoon excitement, pampering, sweet words, and everything else in between is only short-lived. Things start to get tough as needs and challenges come on board and they need to have solutions. The toughest years that every couple that is about to get married dread is the seventh. This is the time when the reality of life takes over – the kids, financial crises, and a lot more. Once you make it past this, you are likely to survive your marriage.

Final Word

Marriage is not a bed of roses as many people think. If you look at the number of divorces around the world, you will know that. However, each marriage is different and some of these facts make it unique.

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