Is Your Vote For Sale?

Bloomberg for President?

By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, everyone. There has been much written about the late entry of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg into the 2020 Democratic presidential race. While the mainstream media is pressed for anyone who can blunt the momentum of Bernie Sanders, it looks as if there is a coalescing of support around Bloomberg.

This support, comes at the cost of integrity and bends the knee to the will of an oligarch. This evening, the Democratic presidential debate in Nevada will take place, with Bloomberg qualifying for participation. What I mean by qualifying is giving the DNC a hefty donation, and suddenly he’s in the building. Given that this is the same guy who changed the rules to run for a third mayoral term, this is no surprise. A case can be made that by skipping the first four primary contests, that Bloomberg is flagrantly disrespecting the electoral process. Choosing instead to flood the airwaves and internet with ads from a billionaires war chest.

Some of the same people who opine that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat have turned right around to push for Michael Bloomberg- a person who governed as a Republican for a dozen years with harmful policies towards working class Black/Latino residents of NYC. Yet, he’s considered a good potential candidate and supposedly what we need. With three moderates in the race (Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar) the DNC decides to let in a Republican former mayor for good measure.

What we have seen is that Bloomberg has been able to buy up a lot of ads, and pay for endorsements from certain Black elected officials. There are always those in our community that will chase that bag at all cost.

We know that the political establishment and the mainstream media is for sale. The question that truly must be asked is whether or not your vote is for sale.

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