Political Books to Look Out for in 2020

Exposing Politics by Oscar Sanders coming February 2020


By Marc W. Polite

With 2020 being an election year, this year will be more politically charged than usual. There are two political books that readers of Polite On Society should look out for. Poet and playwright Oscar Sanders is coming out with “Exposing Politics” -a collection of social justice related poetry.

Award-winning author/poet/filmmaker Oscar Sanders digs in deep describing in great detail the societal ills of American politics. Step by step, Mr. Sanders builds a case of unadulterated bigotry, inequality, and discrimination that leads to a government that has let loose of the leash that controls morality and humanity for its citizens. Exposing Politics: A Collection of Poetry is a poignant observation on the troubling state of American politics, Oscar Sanders boldly delivers political commentary in the righteous spirit of Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney.

Oscar Sanders, who is also a member of the Harlem Writers Guild, has a book signing coming up at Sisters Uptown Bookstore on February 21st.

Senior columnist at Black Agenda Report Margaret Kimberley is coming out with Prejudential– a book about the presidents of the United States and their relationship towards Black America.

About This Book
Prejudential is a concise, authoritative exploration of America’s relationship with race and black Americans through the lens of the presidents who are elected to represent and govern all of its people.
Margaret Kimberley will have a book signing at Strand on Monday, February 3rd, 2020.



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