Climate Change Irreversible by 2030 Says United Nations

We have all failed Captain Planet

Good evening, everyone. I have a topic on my mind that I can’t get off of. By now, many have heard of the United Nations report on climate change that says that if the current warming trend isn’t acted on in a global, coordinated way that it will be Irreversible by the year 2030. Folks, that’s only twelve years from now.

That is scary. It’s not some far off date like 2050 where you can say to yourself “well, I would have probably croaked by then, so meh” Nope. 12 years. Does 2006 feel like it was that long ago? I’m just saying.

We’re not doomed doomed, (that Ha Ha Davis saying is contagious, lol) but its not looking too good at this point. The report pretty much says that it would take a global, concerted effort to switch to energy efficient means and a whole lot of other measures to stave off this shared fate. An undertaking that a capitalist world with rival imperialist powers has absolutely no interest in doing. The scientific community is essentially confirming that it would take a global socialist society to begin to stave off more global warming and the ecological collapse that would surely follow. The world is going exactly the opposite direction, and such a development looks unlikely.

In case it hasn’t been obvious from some of my past posts, I am one of those socialists.

It was one thing to be a socialist in the 20th century, but to be one now is some other stuff. Being a socialist in the 21st century means saying that the world has to be radically restructured, but knowing that also you’re on the “shot clock” for lack of a better term is insane.

With signs of an economic downturn making themselves felt, and international tensions getting worse, it feels like an exercise in futility at times to try and get so many of our personal affairs together.

Instead of prospering globally, through the actions of corporate greed, capital may just doom the global population to be cut down by more than half.. no Infinity Gauntlet necessary.

So yup… that’s what is on my mind tonight. You’re thoughts are always welcome. Are we royally screwed, or can this be turned around?


  1. Great read.. I’m not very optimistic,people don’t seem to be that concern about climate change.Maybe they think there’s another planet they can retreat to.I don’t know what it’s going to take.

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