Are We Duplicitous About Mental Health?

Good morning everyone. I had some quick thoughts that I want to re share on here from my Facebook page about events of this week. My comment is below. I’ve also included a self care wheel with this post. It may help somebody reading.

This was a tough week for a lot of people. The news of two famous, achieved individuals ending their lives hit many hard. Of course these situations earned the empathy of millions, which is a good, human instinct. At the same time though, we often shame and shade regular everyday people for doing what we consider oversharing on social media. In their own way, people are finding ways to cope, using whatever outlets available to them. This society encourages regular people to be stoic, and quietly suffer to be considered “strong” Considering how critical the issue of mental health is, can we really have it both ways? I’m not pointing fingers, just sharing my thoughts on it.


  1. This is a great message Marc, and sadly, it almost always comes out when a crisis happens. This is a pattern, and it is quite predictable. It IS duplicitous, and an act of hypocrisy when we say we care, but do not truly reach beyond ourselves to look out for one another. A simple call or check in every now and again means a great deal. Sometimes, folks are too wrapped up in their own ordeals to truly see, and innerstand what someone else is GROWING through. There are answers, and there are solutions. It is up to us to change the course of human relations, and it begins at the cognitive level.

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