Kanye West; The Newest Member of the MAGA Team

Good evening, everyone. Social media has gone haywire with the latest reveal of Kanye West and his newfound “love” for Donald Trump. After tweeting how he loves how some Black conservative pundit whose name I can’t recall at the moment thinks, West has doubled down on his support for the 45th President of these United States.

Chance The Rapper even chimed in with a tweet, seemingly coming to the defense of the MAGA hat wearing rapper.  Chance said that “Black people do not have to be Democrats” – in defense of Mr. West, who has not had a solid album in 8 years. Trying to soften the blow, Chance said that he believes the next president will be independent. Okay, fam. In the context of the discussion we are having now, this reads as nothing but support for a fellow who is supporting an open bigot. These so called free thinkers and independents never seem to see the left side of the political spectrum, for some reason.

I will say one thing.. believe it or not.. Chance The Rapper is right. Black people do not have to be Democrats. We can be Independents, Greens, Socialists, Communists, or Anarchists too. In the context of this here conversation, Kanye West deserves all of the ire that is coming his direction. By choosing to identify with Donald Trump and his “dragon energy” he has chosen to side with an administration that is proposing to triple the rent of people living in low income, subsidized housing. Politics is life and death, and there are clear choices being made here. With issues in this country being as critical as they are, you cannot have a political viewpoint if you are unwilling to defend it and take heat for it. Mr. West has to wear all of that, like he wears those “Yeezy’s” that nobody is buying.




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