Why I Am Not Here For Roseanne Barr’s Rebooted Show

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s the Friday before Easter weekend, so I will make this short and to the point. The internet has been buzzing about the rebooted Rosanne sitcom.

People have been saying that the show is funny and that people should give it a fair shot. That may well be the case, but I personally am not here for it. I won’t be watching at all.

It’s no surprise to know that Roseanne Barr is a Trump supporter. Truth be told, that’s enough for me to not watch. Yeah, I said it. Then, I thought about why this show reboot comes about now, and what it represents.

My initial reaction to the Rosanne show reboot was “why?” But then, I thought.. oh right… that’s representative of the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump making their cultural impact felt. If that’s what you want to support, do you. It’s too many good shows and movies out here for me to “hate watch” anything. I won’t be watching MAGATV.

Some have expressed the sentiment that we must dissect pop culture to understand political developments. I don’t buy into that for a minute.

I don’t need a TV show to understand the contradictions of the white working class. I’m more interested in the narratives that will emerge from the striking teachers in Republican states that the mainstream media is working really hard to ignore. That’s a development to look at. Just saying.

With that said, take care and enjoy your weekend!

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