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Tajhae Barr, Author of Unspoken Chronicles of A Side Chick


Greetings once again, readers! It’s Writer Wednesday, and this week, I want to introduce you to Tajhae Barr. She has a book coming soon.

Polite On Society: Who is Tajhae Barr?

Tajhae Barr: Tajhae Barr, is a multi-faceted 20 something year old black wombman, striving to embrace and live out her purpose every day. Being a self-published author, poet, blogger, entrepreneur, women’s empowerment advocate, mentor, DV and SA Survivor, Afro-herbalist enthusiast, and African Traditonal Religion (ATR) practitioner.

POS: What motivated you to write “Unspoken Chronicles of A Side Chick”?

TB: The title was inspired by my actual experience with being a Sidechick… at like 16 years old (go figure). Once I turned 18, I had an experience that prompted me to not only speak my truths in regards to being a “mistress”, but my experiences in “situationships” after that. I had endured emotional abuse, physical, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. I took the time (and still am) to reflect and introspect on how my childhood and adult experiences led to the Wombman I am today. I no longer wanted to live in the shadows of the “grown” Wombman I had yet to grow up to be. I could have written the book and left it on my shelf, but I know that there are other black women who want to be freed from their past. However, they either have no support, motivation, or education to do so.

I am also aware that there is a need to restore healthy communication between black men and women. Especially after either party has experienced trauma. From the few brothas that have read poems in my book, they explain to me how they can actually relate as well as it inspires them to understand black women better. This wasn’t just for me, but for US.

Unspoken Chronicles of A Side Chick by Tajhae Barr

POS: I notice that the subtitle is a “Poetic Memoir”. How are you able to blend poetry with this memoir, which is typically written in prose?

TB: Honestly, there is a lot of free writing in the poems in which my readers will see. Once the rhyming and metaphors stopped, I would just begin writing freely. The free writing technique helped me really bring out the raw emotion in telling or writing some of the poems. At times,  I just didn’t have a rhyme or anything like that… I needed to just vent; free write.

POS: When will your book be available?

TB: The book is to soon be announced. To be updated on release dates, events,  and other upcoming projects subscribe to and Like, Follow, and Share on Facebook and Instagram @AuthorTajhae.

POS: If you could name one thing you want people to take away from “Unspoken” what would it be?

TB: *Whew* One thing? Hmmm… Take away that,  in order to heal, sometimes you have to return to the past in order to create a better future.  #Sankofa

I’d like to thank Tajhae for taking the time to speak with us about her forthcoming book. Tonight, she will be at a poetry reading, sharing some pieces from this collection.


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  1. Just finished your poetic memoir. Your transparency and openness is applauded! We as women(no matter the age) have so very much in common .. life, love and living in general.
    “Why do we dismiss the red flags until it’s too late? Why do we tend to make excuses for people,who have not recognized their behavior as inexcusable?” Wow…. that was my life … one day out of the blue there came a moment of
    clarity …. haven’t looked back!

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