Welcome to August

Hey folks. Good evening. Welcome to audacious August, a beautiful time of year. Lol. No bias there at all. Still Leo Season so, you already know what it is. 

This year has been interesting for me, on so many levels. Around this time of year, I get thoughtful, and start reflecting on everything I do. 

I mostly wanted to share this nice picture of the lion, and just say what up. There’s fun in randomness, that is not easy to put a finger on. 

On Instagram I participated in the book phone challenge, and all it makes me think of is the reading I need to catch up on between blog posts. It’s a good way to show off your library, I will say that much. 

While I wait for The Defenders to hit Netflix, I may see what movies this month has to offer. Detroit or The Dark Tower? Hmmm… Decisions decisions. 

Well, that’s it for now, and the countdown to the “born day” begins. Ageist jokes are triggering, so keep them to yourselves, please. Lol. 

Until next time, peace! 

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