Stopping to Feed the Kittens

Good evening everyone. I hope everything is well with you. This summer is moving so quickly, and July which is supposed to be a long month is almost over. It’s hard to grasp, but this is what it really is. 

The picture above is a group of kittens that live in the neighborhood. When we as adults walk to and fro, going about our business, we don’t even think twice to stop and look at some kittens. We’re way too busy, and stopping would just take us off of our tight schedule. This past Saturday, I was walking around with my daughter, and she stopped and pointed “Daddy, look at all the kittens!” 

Of course, I indulged, and we stopped for a bit to admire the kittens and give them some food. Although it took a little longer to get where we were going, it was fun to kitten watch for a few minutes. 

The mini lesson here is that the little things that we don’t take time to do could improve your day a bit. We think that it’s all about having your nose to the grindstone, when life should be more than that. Theres always books to read and articles to write, and that’s what I signed up for. The work is important, but taking time away from it is vital too. 

I take this as a gentle reminder that it’s never a bad idea to push the chill button every now and then, and stop to experience life. Oh, the things children can teach you. Alright y’all.. That’s all I got for now. Peace. 

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