Father’s Day: What It Means To Me

Greetings my readers. It’s Father’s Day weekend, and a time of reflection on parenthood from a man’s perspective. While it’s actually tomorrow, I just have a few thoughts that I would like to put out there. 

On this site, I have talked about the influence of my late father. I won’t revisit that in this post, as I have also talked about him in my second book. Instead, I will talk about my own experiences. 

As some of you know, I have a daughter. Thinking about the past few years, I consider how it has changed how I view things. Other parents know that the reality of being there demands a lot of you. 

The first thing that is required of you, is your time. Including sleep. It’s not that bad now that she’s school age, but sleeping in late on the weekends is out of the question.  

If you think you can try to just be everywhere, that isn’t happening either. Mostly because being tired is a thing. 

Also, you’ll find that these little people actually have their own likes and dislikes. I can’t keep strawberries in the fridge for anything. #Taxed 

It means me playing games along with her like Slither.io, Minecraft, and Roblox… and giving up the controller so she can play as Supergirl in Injustice 2. Such is life. 

But in all seriousness, fatherhood is a multilayered responsibility. It changes how you see things, and how you proceed. You don’t care about “keeping up” with trends and pop culture. Your attention turns to affordable after school programs, things to do in the summer, finding activities on the weekend, etc. Practical matters take priority, and it is all encompassing. 

So yeah.. those are my thoughts on this weekend. Just my opinion from my vantage point. Thanks for reading my blog post length #parentpostalert and I will see you next post. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the other father’s out there as well. Peace. 


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