Just An Observation- Dyson Defends Maher

Good evening folks. I have been a bit occupied by my latest read, “Amiable with Big Teeth” by Claude McKay. There’s going to be a discussion of the book at the Schomburg next week that I am working to prep for. However, I have been following the news about the latest fallout over Bill Maher’s comments, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson coming to his defense calling him an ally. Yeah. 

For those of you who might remember, Dyson put out a hit piece on West, calling him irrelevant, and putting his business out there. It’s really a shame that Dyson could find it in his heart to accept Bill Maher’s apology, but not respect Cornel West for having a different political opinion. Could it have something to do with an upcoming appearance he has slated on Maher’s show? Nah, that can’t be. 

So much going on to shake my head at politically, it’s not even funny. You can’t even be a principled progressive without being threatened to become persona non grata. The choice today, becomes ever more stark: either get “put on”, or tell the truth. There’s no in between. 

In reading this book so far, I am learning about the role of the Federal Writer’s Program in supporting the work of key Harlem Renaissance writers, McKay included. Yet, mainstream Democrats don’t think we need government programs like a guaranteed job to alleviate mass suffering. They would prefer to run the same plays, because their paymasters demand so. 

That’s it for now. Peace. 

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