Intersections International Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Gala At Cipriani’s

Intersections International 2017 (left to right) Honorees Randall Miller, Bibi Russell, Riaz Siddiqi, and Wendy C. McClinton, Image by Jay McClinton of

On Wednesday evening, Intersections International celebrated its 10th anniversary with a Gala at Ciprianis. An organization with an international focus, the purpose of Intersections International is to cultivate understanding between different nations and cultures. Utilizing the United Nations Principles of Partnership as a guideline, this organization focuses on service. Cultivating understanding and shattering stereotypes are a big part of that work, one that Intersections International has taken on for an entire decade. At the Gala that evening, a video highlighting the work done in Kazakhstan and Pakistan to build community and understanding.

“Intersections, as a leading organization that identifies and raises awareness for our society about communities that are in conflict, brings disparate groups together in dialogue to enable them to find commonality upon which relationships can be repaired or built. Through dialogue we are able to change the story — dismantle the stereotypes, enable new learning and compassion that leads to genuine reconciliation,” said Danita Branam, Intersections Governing Board Chair. Indeed a challenging mission, given this current administration.

The honorees of the evening were:

Peter M. Meyer; NYC Market President, TD Bank

• Wendy C. McClinton; President and CEO , Black Veterans for Social Justice

• Randall Miller; Director of Global Religions, Arcus Foundation

• Bibi Russell; Founder, Bibi Russell Fashion for Development

• Riaz Siddiqi; Founder and Managing Partner, Denham Capital

In addition to working internationally, Intersections International also has initiatives to counter act bias here in the United States as well. The site Change The Story is one such initiative- launched to answer anti-Muslim sentiments. This, along with other important questions like ways to be a better ally will continue to be part of the mission of Intersections International as it heads into its second decade.


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