Inauguration Weekend- Trump Administration Mobilizes Mass Protests

Good morning, my readers. Now that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States, it has provoked a massive response from all over the country. On inauguration day, there were protests in Washington. The following day, there were a number of women’s marches that eclipsed the turn out of the inauguration easily. President Trump, if these protests continue, will not have an easy time initiating his radical right wing agenda. Nor should he. To make clear the stance here, this early protest movement is a welcome development. Some of the protests yesterday, were reminiscent of the Bush years. There are large swaths of people who aren’t co-signing the notion of “let’s give him a chance” when its obvious what the intentions are. If you see a demon putting salt on his pitchfork before he pokes you, why sit there and watch like you don’t know what’s about to happen next? It should not be made easy for Trump and his cohorts to

The inaugural speech itself was loaded with right wing populist content, and Trump made a number of promises that he will not be able to deliver on. The calls for protectionism and “America First” to bring back jobs, and rebuild infrastructure is in sharp contradiction to the dictates of late capitalism. Does anyone sincerely believe that an administration packed with unqualified millionaires and billionaires will somehow get the political will for massive reinvestment, and not personal enrichment? “The swamp” as it is called, will only grow. Trump supporters have a pyrrhic victory, where they don’t realize that they too will suffer at the hand of many of the initiatives that are in the works.

Now that it is official, its time for progressives to get out of our feelings and analyze things as they are without any sentimental attachments. Missing the Obama administration is fine personally, but it is time to move on from that. The Trump administration in its first 2 days has awakened those who have been relatively quiet.  We have a thin skinned, head of government who cannot deal with the reality of low attendance at his inauguration. It’s Trump’s America, but there’s no reason that it should be smooth sailing for this administration.

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