Inauguration Eve: Nervous Mood in the Nation

Good evening my readers. Well, here we are. It’s the eve of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and one can feel the nervous mood out there. It’s in the air, unexpressed, put palpable. It’s like watching a slow moving, humongous monster headed towards a small town. 

It’s a sharp contrast to say the least to the inauguration of Barack Obama. That event, felt as if we were entering a new era in American history. This mood here, in a distinctive but negative way, feels like the repackaging of old sentiments. Not many are thrilled, and a number of people are opting to not watch the ceremony. 

George H.W. Bush presented the equivalent of a doctor’s note, and most entertainers who have been asked to perform have declined. There’s still Chrisette Michelle, if that’s any consolation. It’s an official event that many want nothing to do with, and not many will stay for the inaugural parties either. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new era, but to many it feels like a door being closed. We will have a reality show president, and we are obligated to experience at least four seasons. 

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