Safe Careers for Moms in the Criminal Justice Industry

Few industries can be as dangerous and emotionally draining as the criminal justice industry. If you are a mom who is considering or is in the middle of her online masters in criminal justice you may not be willing to jump into a dangerous career. Not to worry as there are many options for moms, and anyone in the field, who is looking for a “safe” position.

US Postal Inspector

Most of us don’t give a second thought to the mail, but did you know it goes through a very in-depth inspection process? A US postal inspector is a key person in this process, and is meant to investigate and then solve the crimes that involve mail in the country. They will be responsible for finding the evidence, researching leads, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and putting the entire investigation together. Typical crimes that you will investigate are identity theft, fraud, vandalism, and theft.

Become a Teacher

Many people who work in the criminal justice field are required to wear a gun and be involved in potentially life threatening situations. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, why not teach instead? You can put all your knowledge to use in a classroom environment. In order to teach criminal justice at the high school level you need a bachelor’s degree and a certification from that particular state.

If you aren’t interested in teaching high school, you could always teach either in a college or university. Here you will likely require your masters and a PhD.

Fraud Investigator

This position is becoming more and more important and requires a person with an excellent eye for detail. As a fraud investigator, you will be working for the FBI, police, or an insurance company in order to find evidence of fraud. During your investigation you may also have to interview the various parties involved. You will then put together all your findings so you can turn them over to your client or employer.

Forensic Science Technician

This is an excellent position for those people with an eye for detail and problem solving skills. You will need to have high marks in math and science, as you’ll be working in a lab environment. These types of jobs can be found in government agencies, court rooms, hospitals, labs, and much more. Your job will be to reconstruct events through the evidence that has been given to you.

The job is always new, with the cases changing all the time, so there’s never a chance for it to get repetitive. Your online criminal justice masters degree will serve you well in this position.

Choosing a Career in Criminal Justice Doesn’t Have to Equal Danger

There is absolutely no reason that by choosing a career in criminal justice, you also have to choose a dangerous potentially life-threatening career. Instead there are all kinds of jobs where you either don’t have to carry a gun, of the threat of danger is at least extremely minimal.

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