Black Mirror Season 3 Remarks

Netflix has really been on a roll this year. First The Get Down, then Luke Cage, now Black Mirror. Where do I even start with this show? Season 3 is just so creative. It doesn’t water anything down, and people were worried about it becoming less edgy with more episodes. 

Without spoiling it for anyone, Season 3 of Black Mirror digs deeper into the reservoir of topics showing the potential uses and abuses of technology and social media. It is billed as a future “10 minutes from now” and some episodes really feel that way. 

There’s a book that I am reading at the moment called “Reality is Broken” by Jane McGonigal. In it, the author makes a point about how people immerse themselves in video games and can at times be satisying a need that they have in real life. While the book is about video games primarily, some of the ideas she puts forth can apply to immersive social media as well. 

When I think of this show, which digs into these issues it all makes sense. While we are all cautioned about relying too much on social media and technology for an outlet, it’s important to remember that for many it’s a coping mechanism for a reality that is more often than we’d like to admit.. difficult to face. 

This season has six episodes and I believe my favorite is “San Junipero” 


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