Sweet: A Review

A scene from "Sweet" by Harrison David Rivers
 Renika Williams and W. Tre Davis in “Sweet” by Harrison David Rivers

There are times where we all need to take a break from what is going on around us. The arts are a great way to do this. The National Black Theatre in Harlem is showing “Sweet” by Harrison David Rivers. Set in Kansas during the summer of 1968, it is a story of two sisters, Retha and Nina,dealing with the recent loss of their mother. Further complicating matters is the reemergence of George, a childhood friend who went away to college. When he visits the town, old feelings resurface.. and put a sharper point on the already apparent sibling rivalry. 

Directed by Raelle Myrick-Hodges, “Sweet” is a coming of age story dealing with the meaning of love, family, and happiness. The themes are explored in a lighthearted way, and the backdrops of the stage evoked less complicated times. 

Even though times were “simpler” people were not. Through the course of two acts, we see Retha, Nina, and George mature, and make sacrifices on behalf of the happiness of one another. It fits in well with the theme of the season, “In Pursuit of Black Joy” 

“Sweet” is playing at the National Black Theatre until November 20th. 

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