Author Nicole Goodwin Releases “Warcries” -A Collection of Poetry

Nicole Goodwin, Author of "Warcries"
Nicole Goodwin, Author of “Warcries”

The late summer is a time to wind it all down, and get ready for the Fall. It is also a time when a number of new books come to the forefront. If you are into poetry, one of the books you should look into is “Warcries” by Nicole Goodwin. Nicole describes her new book as a coming of age story told through poetry. We reached out to her about her work, and she had the following to say about it.


The beginning poems talk about the war-the pain, the strife and the mystery of Iraq.  The second portion of the book is dedicated to my life in New York City before, during and after my return from the battlefield. The last portion is more about my awakening or rather the realizations that came with going to war and being a mother, veteran and an multidisciplinary artist. The main message is more like a moral definitely against War, but also the acceptance of it as a part of human nature–albeit an ugly one. It really just sums up the idea that War creates a “Beautiful Hell” on Earth, and me trying to still till this day live with the images that come out of that truth. It’s not meant to be preachy, it is meant to shape a story of my life.

As for an audience, I’m just interested in all those who are willing to listen to my story. It’s not just about being a Black woman, a single mother, a veteran, and artist. I am those things yes–but I am also a woman and human being which is the subject of my second book project  “A’int I A Woman?” I want “Warcries” to reach the hearts and minds of all different types of people.
Nicole will be touring with “Warcries” starting in September, with the first stop being at Voices On Impact on September 1st. The additional dates are below:
Sept. 10
Hartford, CT Pride
Sept. 15
Salon Radio W/ Heidi Russell and Maliani Singh McDonald
Sept 17
NYPL Appearance
Location: E 125th & 3 Avenue
Time: 1pm-4pm

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