A Few Thoughts On “The Dive”

Yes, I know its been talked about all over the net already. The win of track and field runner Shaunae Miller in the Rio Olympics via a dive across the finish line. I’m just going to say this right quick and move along: Yes the way Miller won the race was totally legal, but it still felt a little dicey. Allyson Fenix did it the right way, but lost. I feel like she was robbed. There, I said it.

The thing about this, is that while its not technically illegal, its in one of those gray areas. I can understand the impulse to do what you have to do to win, but there should be some sort of rule change, or it will just encourage everyone to do the same. Letting this stand actually risks denigrating the integrity of the Olympics, as it will encourage athletes to think in a lawyer-like fashion to win.

What do you think about The Dive?



  1. It’s forever tainted. The IOC should have some how made a determination right then that a “dive” although legal was not ethical, then it would have been a bit more palatable. However, there will be so much talk in hindsight that the Gold Medal will be always disputed. Shauntae and Allyson will be “starred” in history and the race will be forever tainted. Damn shame because it would have been a photo finish.

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