Things We Have Learned From the DNC So Far

Good evening, all. It’s the second day of the Democratic National Convention, and progressives have learned a great deal already. In an election cycle that is sure to be one for the textbooks, the lessons just keep flowing. 

We all witnessed how populism as represented by the Bernie Sanders campaign has been dissipated in service of the neo-liberal agenda. We have learned that anyone who is asking for better than the status quo is “being ridiculous.” 

We are seeing how Democratic Party myth making is done in real time, focusing on speeches, but forgetting about the policies that are still very much in place. We see bold faced lies dressed up, and records of radicalism fashioned from whole cloth, and you dare not challenge it. 

We’re seeing the surviving families of police murder used in a twisted way by the same politicians who enabled militarization of the police and mass incarceration to support their campaigns. 

So much to learn over the course of four nights… let’s continue to watch… and do take notes! What have you learned by watching? 

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