Marc Polite to Participate in Panel Discussion at BloggerWeek 2016

Marc Polite FB BannerGood evening, my readers. There are no primaries this week, and the Democratic debate isn’t until Thursday. As a result, it will be a slowed down week in news. Outside of Hillary Clinton attempting to downplay the controversy over a remark Mayor DeBlasio made during an event, not much else is happening.

Times like this are when I alternate between blogging the latest in politics, and promoting what I have coming up next. As stated in the title of this post, I am letting you all know that I have been selected as a panelist for BloggerWeek 2016 in Washington, D.C.

For those who may be interested, the title of the panel I will be on is: “Economic Justice in a post-Obama Black America” It will be part of the program at the Digital Media in Social Justice Symposium to be held at Busboys and Poets. Yeah, I know it’s a heavy and controversial topic. However, the political animal in me won’t run away from it at all. Yes, the event itself is not until August, but me being the kind of person I am I’d rather let folks know about it sooner than later. I intend to utilize some of the things I mentioned in my book, as well as gathering additional info. As I watch what happens in these primaries, and analyze it, I am sure to come across more observations. Also, I will be collaborating with Yalanda Lattimore, the founder of Dryerbuzz for this discussion.

For those of you who may or may not remember, I participated in a BloggerWeek panel back in 2015 titled “From Blog To Book.” I am honored that I was asked back. For those who have not seen that panel, it is available via Youtube. Also, did you know my notes from last year’s panel are available on Slideshare? Now you do. Feel free to take a look at them, if you feel as though they would help you. It’s time I start gathering up my research. Peace y’all.



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