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Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck
Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck

POS:  As a blogger, how have you created a space for your services in addition to writing for your own platform?

AI: Besides being a blogger, I am a coach, facilitator, speaker, and writer. My blog, Brown Girl From Boston opened up doors of opportunity that I would never had if I wouldn’t blogged. Through my blog, I started my coaching business, wrote three books and speak at various conferences throughout the US and overseas. I had to get out my own way and offer these services because I excel at helping people heal and transform their personal and professional life, I am great at storytelling and motivating people understand their own voice and power that they too have.

 I turned my simple but powerful blog into their powerful and holistic business because I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want to return back to the “Corporate Plantation” in which I was holistically scarred and had to do some deep healing and soul-searching because I was completely burnout, miserable, and stuck creatively. Once I started to put my imperfectly perfect work out there, I started noticing how my tribe was building through one reader at a time. That reader turned into a paying client for either my coaching services, ebook reader or even soliciting me to speak at their events or conferences. I am constantly on a journey of providing a safe, loving, authentic, but raw space for people who are looking for holistic healing, laughter, business ideas or just leisure reading. Brown Girl From Boston literally was just a blog that was started with a dollar, a dream, frustration, and anger from leaving my position as a Non-Profit Director. Sometimes, you need to create that space for yourself to heal but not knowing that others are healing right alongside with you.

POS: What is the first step that you would advise an aspiring writer to take in writing an e-book?

AI: I would say the first step to take in writing an e-book is to write something everyday. You don’t need to write a thesis or dissertation to write an ebook.  All you need is an idea, patience, persistence, and endurance to write the book. It doesn’t have to be this lavish piece of work. You don’t have to lock yourself in a dungeon to become a writer. All you need to do is make up your mind that you are going to write an ebook, write down the ebook topic/idea, write or even record yourself, get out of your way, don’t overthink the process, and create the magic, baby! We need more writers and someone need to read your book. Your ebook might saves someone’s life or spark that untapped million dollar business idea.


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