Too Little, Too Late on Trump Denunciations


Good evening folks. Now that Donald Trump is officially a thing in American politics, the mainstream media wants to pretend it didn’t have a hand in his success. With 24 hour coverage,  a ratings hungry media fed upon the controversial billionaire with free air time. Coverage that candidates like Bernie Sanders and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein would never get.

Meet the Press announced that they would no longer allow Trump to phone in to be heard on the show. Okay. That might have helped… 3 months ago.

Now that the damage is done, and the beast has grown,  some wish to put it back in the cage. But it’s too late.

Also today, Elizabeth Warren came out swinging at Trump, calling him a loser. Of course, this statement has gone viral, and is lauded all over the net. I have a divergent thought about this that I am going to express here. While it’s cool that Warren denounced Trump, I can’t help but remember how relatively silent she was during the Massachusetts primary. A public endorsement could have helped Bernie Sanders, with the results being so close. I’m just saying. I can’t be the only one thinking this.

Besides us hearing Republican bellyaching about President Obama going to Cuba, these two occurrences made me think of what’s wrong with our discussions. But, this will all continue, because whether we like it or not in electoral politics, there is such a thing as too little, too late.

Oh well. Until next post! Peace.


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